If you are a British Council attached centre or a school working with the British Council and would like to register your students for school exams, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Complete an exam entry form

Download and complete the 'Expression of interest' entry form in the Downloads area below and e-mail it to the British Council school exams officer:

Cambridge International exams - info.lk@britishcouncil.org
Pearson Edexcel exams - info.lk@britishcouncil.org

The Expression of interest entry form should be emailed to us by the following dates:

  • For May/ June exam series - 25 November 2014
  • For October/November exam series - 25 June  2014 
  • For January exam series - 5 August  2014

When to register your students

Find out about the different examination boards’ registration dates and deadlines. 

Do you want to become an attached centre? 

Find out how to become a British Council attached centre.

Step 2: Complete your students application form

You can register students online or using paper applications. Please ensure that you do not exceed your school's agreed quota of students for these exams.

Registering your students online

  1. We will email you a registration link with an easy step guide to register your students online.
  2. Once you have completed the registration steps online, print out the registration summaries for each student and attach a photocopy of their passport or National Identity Card (NIC) and affix two passport sized photographs to their application form.

Step 3: Submit your application and make a payment

Once you have completed step one and two, you are ready to submit your school's applications.

You will need to bring the completed application forms along with the payment to us. Find out where we are

Payment methods

Schools can pay via cheques or cash. All fees are payable in Sri Lankan Rupees.

Please make sure to obtain a receipt from the British Council for the payment you have made.

Step 4: Registration complete

Once you have completed all the registration steps, you will receive your students' Statements of Entry forms and information about examination venues approximately three weeks before their exams.

Need to amend any entries? 

You can make amendments to the entries you have made. Please note that the amendments are subject to an additional payment as specified in the information sheet provided along with the application form.

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