There are two opportunities to sit IGCSE, International GCSE, IAL and A-level/AS-level examinations every year (except Pearson Edexcel GCE A-levels which is offered only in May/June).

  • Examinations with Cambridge Assessment International Education take place in May/June and October/November.
  • Examinations with Pearson Edexcel take place in January and May/June.

When to register (Private candidates)


Pearson Edexcel – January 2019 examinations:

Registration period  Start Eng
Normal registration period 26 September 2018 11 October 2018
Late registration period: Stage 1 Late Penalty 12 October 2018 05 November 2018
Late registration period: Stage 2 Late Penalty 06 November 2018 30 November 2018

When to register (School exam candidates)

Please check with your school examinations coordinator regarding registration dates. 

When to register (School co-ordinators)

Please comply with the application submission dates provided by the British Council School Exams Officer.

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