Stand a chance to win a scholarship for your higher education at the destination of your choice, whenever you take the IELTS with the British Council. 

This is a scholarship programme aimed at IELTS candidates of the British Council hoping to study abroad. We are awarding a total of 12 scholarship awards, with 10 scholarships for students applying to UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and two scholarships to an open destination category.  

Each destination category will consist of two awards each;

  • Postgraduate award: £ 2,000
  • Undergraduate award: £ 1,000


Read the instructions and terms given below to find out how to apply.

Application Deadline: Midnight, 31 July 2019 (GMT +05.30)

IELTS Scholarship scheme 2019 - Poster

Application process

To submit your application please complete the application form online. In order to complete the application form you need to:

Section 1:
Complete the required personal information


Section 2:
Write a 500-word essay on the following topic and submit it in the online form. 

(word count violations beyond the ±10% limit will result in disqualification)

"A significant accomplishment in your life that defines you and why is winning this scholarship important to you, your country and the world?"


Section 3:
Upload the below-listed documents using the document upload function in the application form (1 combined PDF file in the below order).  

  1. University offer letter
  2. Copy of your IELTS Test report form
  3. Your CV
  4. Copies of academic certificates 

All the questions on the application form are mandatory and incomplete applications will be disqualified. If you start filling the application and want to complete it later, you can always return to the application through the link you accessed initially. However, if you fail to submit all the required information, your application will not be eligible for shortlisting. The online application should be submitted along with the required documents attached in PDF form on or before midnight, 31 July 2019 (GMT +05.30)

The Terms and conditions of the programme are available in the section below. 

Terms and conditions

  1. The candidate must be a resident and a citizen of Sri Lanka. (this clause will only be exempted in the case of the candidate not being a resident of Sri Lanka due to having already started the higher education programme, to which the scholarship application is submitted for)
  2. This is open to applicants who have taken the Academic IELTS test (AC) after May 19, 2018, at the British Council or any partner test venues. (in order to have your IELTS TRF prior to the application deadline you will have to take your IELTS test before 18 July 2019 if its the paper-based test or before 26 July 2019 if it is the computer-delivered test). 
  3. This is valid for Sri Lankans applying for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes intending to study in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand or Canada as well as all countries worldwide which recognise IELTS for university entry. A list of universities that accept IELTS can be found here:
  4. The study programme must be taken outside Sri Lanka and commence in 2019 or latest by February 2020.
  5. The candidate must have been offered a place to study by a recognised educational institution, in the country you are applying, that accepts IELTS as part of its admissions criteria.
  6. Candidate must have an IELTS overall band score of 6 or above.
  7. The candidate must provide an acceptance letter from the institute they are planning to study along with the application.
  8. Applications cannot be submitted with pending IELTS results or pending university offer letters. 
  9. Transfer of funds is subject to the commencement of the programme.
  10. Funds will be transferred directly to the university or as a reimbursement of costs upon producing valid bills in relation to the expenses of the university study programme. The fund transfer method will be decided by the British Council. 
  11. The winners will be announced during November 2019, and candidates who have commenced their programmes by then, will be awarded after the announcement of winners.
  12. An online interview will be arranged for shortlisted candidates who have already commenced their programmes by the time of the interview.
  13. Plagiarism and word-count violation (beyond the accepted ±10% limit) will be a point of disqualification from the current programme and any future award programmes (disqualification from future programmes is only applicable for plagiarism) of the IELTS Scholarship scheme Sri Lanka. All 500-word essays will be checked for plagiarism, and word count.
  14. British Council reserves the right to withhold/withdraw an award if any of the terms or conditions are not fulfilled.
  15. The decision of the judges will be final.


Evaluation of applications will be done under the following criteria (please note that this is a rough outline of the criteria, inclusive of only the major points)

  • Ability to meet entry criteria
  • Essay (accuracy, language and creativity)
  • Awards/Recognitions obtained 
  • Voluntary engagements
  • Interview