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Thursday 05 March 2020 to Friday 06 March 2020
MAS Athena Thulhiriya

The conference proceedings of SLELTEC 2020 are now available online. Click here to visit the page.



The Sri Lankan English Language Teacher Educator conference grew out of our work with teacher educators, both pre and in -service, in the state sector in Sri Lanka.  This work is part of our larger programme TRANSFORM. From 2017 the Improving Teacher Education in Sri Lanka  (iTESL) Project has been running. Materials were developed based on the needs of both sectors.

Teacher educator courses were delivered to over 100 teacher educators in the National Colleges of Education and mentoring and ELT methodology courses were delivered to over 200 in-service advisors and senior teachers. A Community of Practice (COP) was initiated to assist these teacher educators to share best practices and to give them a forum to collaborate.

One of the events that the COP was keen to run was a conference in Sri Lanka specifically for English language teacher educators.  Although there have been many conferences run by the Sri Lankan English Language Teachers Association (SLELTA) for English teachers, there has never been one for English teacher educators. This is the ideal venue for showcasing and sharing the work of both local pre and in-service teacher educators and for providing a platform to showcase and share the work of other non-project teacher educators both in the country and in the region. 

This conference is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Education and the British Council. 


  • To demonstrate and share best practice in teacher educator course delivery locally
  • To demonstrate and share best practice in teacher educator course delivery regionally
  • To showcase best practice in lesson and session planning from the nationwide competition 
  • To produce a conference publication showcasing local and regional best practice


Overall theme: English language teacher education in the 21st Century

Papers, workshops and poster presentation abstracts are invited for submission on the sub-themes below. 


Digital trends

  • Using technology to enhance language learning inside and outside the classroom
  • The use of mobiles to enhance teacher education
  • Using IWBs in the classroom
  • Digital literacy

Observation and feedback methods and techniques

  • Using web/mobile-based tools for observing teachers 
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Oral and written feedback formats
  • Monitoring / mentoring / coaching teachers

Empowering teachers to teach literature 

  • Training teachers to teach literature for the O- and A-level assessment
  • Literary texts and how to exploit them for language and literature
  • Drama in the language classroom
  • Teaching songs and rhymes for the primary classroom

The speaking and listening challenge 

  • Training English teachers in developing listening and speaking skills
  • Developing the speaking and listening competencies
  • Exploiting the coursebooks to develop speaking and listening
  • Assessing speaking and listening skills
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