Professional trainer discussing requirements

Customised Business Communication Skills (CBCS) is a fully customised training solution that provides you with the job-specific language skills and business skills you will need to work and communicate effectively in English.

It was introduced to Sri Lanka in 2011 and designed to meet the professional training needs of Sri Lankan organisations. Whether you work in IT or an NGO (non-governmental organisation), in banking or in retail, in the service sector or government sector, we can deliver the training that you need.

Course design

Our experienced course developers conduct a comprehensive needs analysis before the course starts. This builds up a detailed picture of how the participants use English at work, and pinpoints the skills and functional language they need.

We create fully customised course syllabuses for every CBCS course based on the needs of the client. You can design your own CBCS course by picking from lots of different modules.

Course materials

CBCS does not use traditional English text books, and no two CBCS courses are ever the same.  Course materials are bespoke and designed using:

  • analysis of clients’ specific training needs
  • our in-house soft skills resource library
  • the British Council’s global database of business English materials
  • our trainers’ expertise in design and delivery of courses.


CBCS is a practical course designed to improve communicative ability and each training session uses a communicative, task-based approach.  

Each session involves language input and discussion and builds up to a task that allows participants to practise and demonstrate communicative ability in the most realistic way possible.  


CBCS course participants are assessed using a system of continuous assessment, in which a number of assessed tasks during the course count towards an overall grade.