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In-house training

When delivering in-house training to organisations and businesses, our accredited trainers use their expert local knowledge and tailor the courses to the precise needs of the organisation utilising real-life case studies.

Tips for in-house training enquiries

Here are some ideas on what to share with us when enquiring about Intercultural Fluency training for your business or organisation:

  • Name of your organisation
  • Country (where you would like the training delivered)
  • Sector (e.g. Private/ Public/ Government/ Education/ NGO/ Other)
  • Key area of activity (e.g. Tourism and Hospitality, Banking) 
  • Your requirements for intercultural training (e.g. improving the effectiveness of multicultural teams, training new recruits as part of induction, training staff going abroad, etc.) 
  • How many people do you wish to train? (approximate minimum and maximum numbers)
  • When would you require the training to be delivered?

Contact us today and make cultural diversity the key asset to your organisation!

For inquiries about training opportunities please contact Tevinda.Thempana@britishcouncil.org