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In our hectic work environment, the demands for flexibility and being available 24/7 are only increasing. We all want to learn new skills, but it can be hard to find time for a two-day or even a one-day training course. The Professional Development Centre’s Bitesize 90 online or face-to-face workshops have been designed to solve this problem and enable learning in simple and effective 90-minute chunks.

There are a number of suites, each comprising several units. You can select one unit as a standalone workshop or select from across the suites to build a learning journey for your staff.

Each unit is typically run as a 90-minute workshop with an experienced British Council trainer/facilitator. This can be either face-to-face run at your office or through a webinar. 

Module 1: Chairing virtual meetings  

Structuring virtual meetings, Facilitating meaningful discussions, Leveraging virtual communication tools.

Module outcome:
Develop strategies for leading virtual meetings more effectively.

Module 2: Participating in virtual meetings   

Enhancing virtual presence, Contributing to productive discussions, Managing common challenges.

Module outcome:
Develop a range of participatory techniques for playing an active role in virtual meetings.

Module 3: Effective teleconferencing skills 

Managing distractions and time effectively, Communicating clearly, Moving from talk to action.

Module outcome:
Discover a communicative approach for making teleconferences smoother and more productive.

Module 4: Effective crisis communication with internal stakeholders

Giving updates and sharing information, Reassuring stakeholders, Building consensus for resolutions.

Module outcome:
Develop and implement strategies for engaging with internal stakeholders in times of crisis.

Module 5: Effective crisis communication with external stakeholders   

Dealing with complaints, Refusing requests, Navigating policy constraints.

Module outcome:
Develop and implement strategies for engaging with external stakeholders in times of crisis.

Some advantages of our Bitesize 90 online or face-to-face workshops for companies include:

  • allowing all members of a team to experience learning together at the same time, even if they are in different locations
  • offering practical and easy to implement learning ‘nuggets’ for those who don’t have time for longer programmes
  • enhancing and reinforcing existing programmes to promote continuous learning and development.