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We have an exciting speaking competition for our students this term. British Council students from all over Sri Lanka are invited to participate in this national competition.

Winners of our national competition will be put forward to represent Sri Lanka in the global competition where they will compete against students from other countries such as India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong! 

What does my child have to do?

For Primary students

For Primary students, this is a storytelling competition.

  • Students have to tell a story using characters from Sri Lanka (or retell a traditional folk tale) 
  • Record a video of themselves telling the story (maximum 4 minutes) 
  • Students can use puppets, other visuals or drama to demonstrate creativity and imagination 

Have a look at this video to find out more.

For Secondary students

For Secondary students, this is a presentation competition.

  • Students have to give a presentation on a global issue that has impacted on Sri Lanka or Sri Lankan culture  
  • Record a video of themselves giving their presentation (maximum 4 minutes)  
  • Please note: no Powerpoints allowed but props and other visual are acceptable. 

Have a look at this video to find out more.

How are you helping my child with this?

During the term, all students will have lessons dedicated to this competition where your child’s teacher will provide information on how to be a great storyteller or presenter. 

Students will also get the chance to practise their story/presentation with their teacher.

Furthermore, we will be holding special Kids and Teens clubs in weeks commencing 28 September and 5 October.  These clubs are in addition to your child’s normal class and will provide more hints and tips on how to be a great storyteller/presenter.  Keep a lookout for a separate email (sent on Sundays) to sign up for one of these clubs. 

How does my child enter the competition? 

After your child has received the lessons and practice with their teacher, we will share a link to upload your child’s video. This will be towards the end of October. Watch this space!  

The deadline to submit your child’s entry is 8 November 2020. 

What happens after my child has submitted their entry?

We will shortlist the entries based on our marking scheme.  Those who are shortlisted will be invited to attend our national finals which will be held week commencing 23 November (exact dates to be confirmed nearer the time). 

The winners of our national finals will be put forward to the global competition where they will compete against students from India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong. 

Why should my child participate?

  • They will learn the skills needed to tell exciting stories or give great presentations 
  • They will be able to demonstrate the digital skills they have already learnt during lockdown e.g. video presenting, digital communication and creative thinking 
  • They can win prizes!  
  • If they are national winners, they will get the chance to meet British Council students from across East and South Asia at the global finals.

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