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We help secondary students develop their English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and consolidate their knowledge of grammar and improve their range of vocabulary through topic-based materials to strengthen their confidence in English communication. Our English for Secondary courses are focused towards maximising grades and improving communication skills. Students will focus on tasks such as problem-solving, project work, topical discussions and working independently.

Learn English at the British Council from only Rs. 4350 per week*


English (50 hours)

These 50-hour courses have a strong emphasis on speaking, listening and pronunciation, with lots of opportunities to use your English in fun, lively classes, as well as opportunities to improve your reading and writing skills. This is supported by a focus on the grammar and vocabulary you need to communicate effectively in a range of social, academic and professional environments. Find out more information about the course here. 

Spoken English (25 hours)

These 25-hour courses help you to improve your listening, speaking and pronunciation skills, as well as teaching you useful everyday expressions. You will increase your fluency and confidence when speaking English in day-to-day situations. Find out more information about the course here. 

English for IELTS (50 hours)

This ten week 50 hour course prepares candidates with a higher level of English for the IELTS academic exam. The main focus for this English for IELTS course is on improving academic writing skills and spoken accuracy and fluency. Find out more information about the course here. 

IELTS Intensives (25 hours)

This five-week 25-hour express preparation course is offered twice a term and prepares candidates for the academic and general training IELTS exam. Find out more information about the course here. 


This course is taught at the following British Council centres.


Term Dates
Term 1  15 January – 01 April 2017
Term 2   19 April – 30 June 2017
Term 3   19 July – 24 September 2017
Term 4   06 October  – 15 December 2017


Course Duration Colombo | Kandy | Matara Jaffna
English for Secondary 10 weeks (50 hours) Rs. 43500 (4350 per week) Rs. 43500 (4350 per week)
Spoken English for Secondary 10 weeks (25 hours) Rs. 26500 (2650 per week) Rs. 26500 (2650 per week)
English for IELTS  10 weeks (50 hours) Rs. 48500 (4850 per week) Rs. 43500 (4350 per week)
IELTS Intensives 10 weeks (25 hours) Rs. 26500 (2650 per week) Rs. 26500 (2650 per week)

* Prices are subject to change. Refunds are only possible before your child's first class and an administration fee will be deducted.  

Prices include: student folder, library reference membership and a British Council course certificate.

Additional costs: course books and personal stationery.


Before you register for courses you will need to take a level check, which is a written and a short spoken test to find out your level of English. Please find outhow to book a level check for each course here

Class days and times


Course Days Times
English Tuesdays and Thursdays (2.5 hours each day)  0800 - 1030
1100 - 1330
1730 - 2000
  Wednesdays and Fridays (2.5 hours each day) 0800 - 1030
1730 - 2000
  Sundays (5 hours each day) 0800 - 1300
1345 - 1845
Spoken English Tuesday to Friday (2.5 hours a day, once a week) 0800 - 1030
1100 - 1330
1730 - 2000

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