Reach your goals with our world-class online English course

myClass Online is a flexible English course that you can tailor to your needs.

  • Live online English classes: learn from highly qualified teachers in our interactive online classrooms.
  • Study the way you want: book lessons on a wide range of topics, with your choice of teacher.
  • Never miss a class: benefit from a flexible timetable and reschedule lessons if your plans change.
  • Course options: General English and IELTS courses
How our online classrooms work

Live online English classes with expert teachers

Our highly qualified teachers deliver an interactive learning experience in our online classrooms. With a focus on real-world topics relevant to your everyday life and practical speaking or writing tasks in every lesson, we give you the confidence to use English in situations that matter to you.

What will you learn (General English and IELTS included)

Take control of your learning

Whether you want to accelerate your career, get ready for study, prepare for your IELTS test or improve your social interactions, you can customise myClass Online to your needs.  

With a flexible timetable, a selection of credit packages and your choice of lessons and teacher, you can build a learning schedule that works for you.

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Achieve your goals

Our academic advisors will help you refine your learning journey to make progress towards your goals. You’ll also receive regular personalised feedback from your teachers. 

Tracking your progress

Join a community  

myClass Online is more than an English course. It’s an inclusive learning community where you can meet like-minded people. You’ll practice the language with new friends, learning together through collaborative tasks in each online English lesson.

You can attend our free myClub sessions, which offer a variety of English language-based cultural and social activities and take your language skills to another level.