About this course

IELTS Intensives (25 hours)

This five-week 25-hour express preparation course is offered twice a term and prepares candidates for the academic and general training IELTS exam. Based on your needs and your level we will place you in one of the following classes:

  • IELTS Express Lower (Pre-Intermediate 2 – Intermediate 3) 
  • IELTS Express Higher ( Upper Intermediate 1 and above)

Take an IELTS Intensives course and you will:

  • develop key skills and exam strategies
  • practise doing sample IELTS tasks and get feedback on your performance
  • build your confidence and get advice on how you can improve

If you are new to the British Council, you will need to take a level check to find out whether you are the right level to follow a course.

Where is this course taught?

Dates and prices

Before you register for an IELTS preparation course you will need to take a placement test, which is a written and spoken test to find out your level of English.  

Placement test fee (non-refundable, non-transferable) - Rs. 1000

This course is taught in our British Council offices in ColomboKandyJaffna.

Terms Dates
Term 1 15 January – 01 April 2017
Term 2 19 April – 30 June 2017
Term 3 19 July – 24 September 2017
Term 4 06 October  – 15 December 2017

ColomboPlease note that prices and course dates for each centre differs. Please click on your respective location for more details on prices. 

  • Kandy
  • Jaffna

    * Prices are subject to change. Refunds are only possible before your  first class and an administration fee will be deducted.  

Price includes: 

Additional costs: 

  • Course books 
  • Your personal stationery 
  • IELTS examination fee