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This 40-hour course has a strong emphasis on speaking, listening and pronunciation, with lots of opportunities to use your English in fun, lively classes, as well as opportunities to improve your reading and writing skills. This is supported by a focus on the grammar and vocabulary you need to communicate effectively in a range of social, academic and professional environments.

Irrespective of your level of English, we will support you in using English from the very first lesson!

Take a 40-hour English course with us and you will:

The English course for adults, on average spans over a period of two months. More specific details about this course can be found by clicking on the drop-down items below.


This course is taught at the following British Council centres.

Session dates

Session Dates
Session 1 7 January to 4 March 2020
Session 2 6 March to 22 May 2020
Session 3 15 June to 9 August 2020
Session 4 25 August to 19 October 2020
Session 5 23 October to 19 December 2020



Colombo Kandy Jaffna Matara (Partner Teaching Centre)
Rs. 38,000 Rs. 38,000 Rs 33,000 Rs. 38,000

You could pay the course fee in instalments at our Kandy and Jaffna centres.


Whatever your level of English, we have a course for you! 

To join all our courses you will first need to make an appointment for an English level check.



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